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Infidelity: What every couple should know?

Infidelity is a romantic relationship outside of marriage. It is one of the most painful experiences a betrayed spouse can encounter in life. Precaution to avoid infidelity. 

Infidelity can be triggered when any of the intimate emotional needs are met outside of marriage.

These are your 4 intimate emotional needs (never let anyone fulfill those needs for your spouse)

1. In a conversation 

2. Affection

3. Recreation 

4. Companionship

When one intimate emotional need is met outside of marriage, the other intimate emotional needs are not far behind. 

It starts off as a: 

1. Friendship 

2. Take place at work or at church

3. Someone in the family 

4. Going out with a double date couple 

and fall for the other date 

Infidelity is an addiction. 

​Abstinence is the most effective treatment for an addiction. 

1. They may have to quit their job or get transferred to another job.

2. They have to be separated from their lover in order to overcome the addiction

3. Most of time they will continue to repeat it like a drug addict and they don't understand the problem, they have to take precautions to not walk down that lane again. 

Most marriages stay together, and most of the time never recover from it. 

You must meet your spouse's intimate and emotional need. 

Don't ever let someone meet any of your 4 intimate emotional needs for your spouse. 

If you and your spouse are not meeting each other's emotional needs you must tell your spouse that I am very upset that our emotional needs are not met, but I am not going to let anyone else meet them for me.

I am not going to let anyone to talk:

1. Intimate things towards me.

2. Not spending any of your recreational time with each other.  

3. Not giving any of your affection to another or make love.

I have reserve that exclusively for you.

Be radically honest with each other if you ever begin feeling attracted to someone else.

If you tell your spouse the feelings you are having, it's going to nip that relationship in the bud. 

Take precautions.

These extraordinary precautions are well worth the effort. 

I recommend not only to heal the betrayed spouse's wound, but it will also heal the marriage.

Step 1:

1. Never see or talk to your lover again. 

2. Create extraordinary precaution to prevent chance encounters.

3. If you see the person you are at risk triggering the affair all over again, and every time your spouse sees that person they are going to re-experienced the pain and the suffering.

4. Expect a period of withdraw that includes depression and uncharacteristic 

madness for about 3-6 months. 

The wife or husband is not going to be happy for awhile. You are going through a withdraw. 

Step 2:

1. Create a successful marital relationship by achieving the 3 goals of a marriage. It takes up to 2 years to regain your faith in your spouse and to be restored of recovery. 

2. When someone hunts you, use the steps as well and avoid all contact with the other person, and prepare for a withdraw period. 

3. Implement the 3 goals of marriage by learning how to make all decisions with each other in mind. Avoid Love Busters and learn to meet each other's emotional needs. 

Successful Recovery Plan Starts Here.

All contact must end. Wayward spouse assumes full responsibility 

rebuilding details and revealing your plan to independently prevent reoccurrence.


Detailed Plans To Fall In Love

What are your needs and what are his needs to fulfill each other's needs?

Now is a new day. 

These are the choices you will fulfill for husband/wife. 

1. Affection 

2. Sexual Fulfillment 

3. A conversation 

4. Recreation Companionship 

5. Honesty and Open Nest

6. Financial Support 

7. Physical Attraction 

8. Domestic Support

9. Family Commitment 

10. Admiration 

What is the most sufficient way to develop love units for your husband/wife?

In 1978, they got rid of the Law of Infidelity of the books. May God bless your union.

In Overcoming A Police Matter.

When an incident go wrong, where an innocent person's life was taken from them by force of that policeman or policewoman, & if the public brings an awareness of the officer wrong doings, it appear that the department would transfer/fire that officer to another department that will not affect his records or pay.

The solution to this matter is to bring the officer in front of a jury so if any video/photos of his actions shows his ill conduct, he can be charge and made as an example. 
By Patricia P. Clair

​​Check Out 

These Incredible 


The Unlisted (What they do to your kids in school)

The Firm (Tom Cruise)

No Way Out (Kevin Costner),

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Olympus has Fallen,

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and the movie called 



​The True Essence of 

Authority is that God

blessed you & give you

His Divine Instructions 

for your Promise to come to PASS NOW! 










Many people are having problems with their cellphones & landline phones worldwide. Black screen pops up from out of nowhere, as you're talking. Maybe your phone just go dead & comes back on later. Many believe that they are getting ready to switch almost everybody on 

the 5G PLAN. God revealed to me that

they can take your phone & connect all your electronics & appliances that's in the wall sockets to spark a fire. There were a man on the news some weeks ago & had his cell phone in his shirt front pocket and the

phone caught fire.

They could be testing it out when your phones are going in and out. For proof check out the movie

called, "G FORCE". You get it! "G FORCE

MOVIE". You can go on NETFLIX, YOUTUBE or watch it on DVD. Or pull up the official trailer on YOUTUBE before they pull it! It's an animation movie for kids & the whole family. Showing you what the largest

electronics/ appliances company

are planning on you 

through your up to date electronics.

We will talk about 

ROBOTS later: Watch


did an excellent job

in playing in this 90(s) movie about how the gov is going

​to use robots to destroy people. My

interpretations of this

movie is that they are going to make these

robots friendly, convient & popular like they have done

for the pets. Which is

another story.Always

remember where your help comes from.



Did you know you can

make a meal that can

hole you and your family for days. In the book of Daniel,

he ate stew & he

was satisfied. You

​can make cabbage tomatoe soup. This is brain food. Under $20. Go to YOUTUBE and put in cabbage

tomatoe soup & Anti

Inflammatory Foods. 


How Will You Cope

or Survive in



Learn How To Cope or Survive In An Emergency.


       WITH ME.



For Emergencies

Always have an emergency backpack, when emergency takes place and when you are being asked to evacuate.

These are the things you should already have in your bag.

1. Perishable Foods

2. Bottled Water

3. Important Documents

4. Family Photos

5. Wipes

6. Toilet Paper

7. Duck Tape

8. Filters

9. First aid kit

10. Flares/Flashlight

11. Change of Clothes

12. Mini toolbox set

13. Batteries

14. Knife/Weapon

15. Radio

16. Matches/Lighter

17. Rope

18. Bible
19. Map

During a Disaster if you are in a major city you should be

at least 200 miles away from all major cities.


Avoid all major roads and be alert of other people.

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